We're building D3Companion! An AI-powered Design Tool for Residential Building

D3Companion assists you designing, optimizing and delivering construction documents for residential building.

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Batteries Included

D3Companion comes with a large set of features that helps you design efficient residential building, faster than ever.

Smart Sketching

Turn your site and requirements into massing design proposal.

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Automatic Floor Plan

Using our AI engine, generate and populate floor plans in seconds.

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Performance Simulation

Daylight, Sun Access, Airflow and Thermal comfort analysis.

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BIM Ready

Work directly inside you BIM Software, or export directly to IFC.

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Smart Sketching.

Smart Sketching is designed for ease of use, with a simple learning curve. It allows you to quickly transform site conditions and requirements into a basic massing design. The tool offers straightforward geometric tools for a hassle-free design process.


Automatic Floor Plan Generation.

you can swiftly generate floor plans for both entire floors and individual units. The AI engine helps in laying out these plans and also populates them with furniture, linked to BIM files for convenience and practicality.

Performance Simulation.

This feature enables you to conduct basic simulations for daylight, sun access, airflow, and thermal comfort. Available through a cloud-based platform, it offers both preset options for quick analysis and customizable models for specific project needs.


BIM Ready.

D3Companion works with your current BIM software, allowing for direct integration or data export. It supports various formats like IFC, DXF, DWG, PDF, XLS, and OBJ, making it a versatile addition to your design toolkit.

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